Engage warp drives, Mr Sulu

Porcorosso was thinking hard about a comment he wanted to post on his friend Mr Wang's blog (and Mr Wang is a very, very clever man – even Mr Brown says so) when it occurred to him that in the passage of time, there are occasions when something happens which changes everything after that and puts everything that has gone on before into perspective. I think my O-Level mathematics teacher called it "points of inflexion". That is so Euclidean and two dimensional – I prefer to see it as some kind of vortex or black hole where people from different parts of my past (or somebody else's past, for that matter) get drawn in and planets collide with hemorrhoids resulting in light, noise, clouds of space dust and anti-matter. You could call it a supernova, even. Or you could call it talking out of Uranus.

Anyway. The point is that random things come together and often enough in a way that makes you suspect that they may not be so random after all. It is easy to see (at least for the Theists) to see a hand of God in this – the other hand of God is recovering well and taking a short break from the funny farm to be a commentator on the World Cup for Argentine TV. Atheists, agnostics and other psychologists call it (somewhat nervously) synchronicity – The Police (a very great band) dedicated a whole album to it. I'm not sure what to believe except that the truth is out there and it is spooky.

In any event, Porcorosso did not post the comment he intended (he posted something else) and the truth has become something else. By the way, did I say hemorrhoids? I meant asteroids.


One Response to “Engage warp drives, Mr Sulu”

  1. Yes, you got me wondering about the hemorrhoids there.

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